6 Effective Chest Exercises For Women at Home

Chest Exercises For Women

Are you looking for ways to give an extra lift to your bust or prevent it from sagging? Well, chest exercises work best for this. Now say a big no to those painful push up bras and start doing these top 6 chest exercises for women.

Why Chest Exercises?

Regular exercising is one way of keeping your body healthy. So, when you are focusing on the overall health, never neglect any muscle group, including the chest. Women often neglect chest exercises because they think that there is no need to work out on pectoral muscles because they have breasts. But, that is not the case at all. Chest muscles are one among those that can make a big difference in your overall health. 

Types of Chest Exercises For Women

Chest exercises, when done regularly, can improve certain aspects of your life. Here are some of the top chest exercises for women.

1. Push-ups

Effective Chest Exercises For Women at Home - push ups

This exercise can be done easily anywhere, anytime. Start by lying down on the floor with your chest and stomach flat. Keep your legs stretched out. Make sure to place your palms at the chest level so that the elbows are bent roughly at a 45-degree angle. Lift your chest, belly, thighs and knees off the floor using the strength of your shoulder and pectoral muscles. Now, come back down slowly and don’t let your body touch the ground. Repeat this exercise as many times as you can.

Push-ups can also be considered as one of the best leg exercises for both men and women.


2. Chest press

Effective Chest Exercises For Women at Home- Chest press

To begin, lie down on a flat bench and press your feet into the floor. Then, draw your shoulders down and back so as to press them into the bench. After that, hold two dumbbells with your palms facing forward and keep your thumbs wrapped around the handle. Inhale and slowly lower the dumbbell slightly wider than your mid-chest. Now touch the dumbbell to your chest. Exhale and press your arms upward. While doing this, make sure to keep your elbows slightly bent. Lower the dumbbell and keep your muscles contracted. Come back to your initial position.

3. Chest fly

Chest Exercises For Women -chest fly

Lie down on your back with knees bent and hold dumbbells straight up over your chest. Bend your elbow slightly and slowly open your arms wide out to the side. The back of your arms should be slightly above your chest level. After that, squeeze your chest as you bring back the dumbbells together at the top. 

4. Mountain climber push-up

Effective Chest Exercises For Women at Home- Mountain climber push-up

Assume a quadruped position on the ground. Your hands should be under the shoulders, toes tucked, and knees under your hips. In a push-up position, keep your legs straight and extend one leg at a time. Your head should be in a neutral position looking at the ground. Descend to the ground slowly by retracting the shoulder blades and unlocking your elbows. Descend until your chest touches the ground. Push back to your initial position by extending the elbows and driving your palms into the ground. Bring one knee closer to your chest and then quickly switch it with the next knee.

Mountain climber push-up is also one of the best belly fat reduction exercises.

5. Lateral plank walk

Effective Chest Exercises For Women at Home- plank

Begin this exercise in a high plank position with both your hands underneath the shoulders and body in one straight line. Step your right foot and right hand towards your right side immediately following with your left foot and left hand. Now, you have completed one repetition. Do a few reps towards the right and after that switch directions.

Make sure to keep your hips low as you move, drawing the navel toward your spine..

6. Cobra lat pulldown

Effective Chest Exercises For Women at Home- cobra lat pulldown

Begin this exercise by lying down on your stomach. Extend your legs and arms fully. After that, raise your upper body and bend your arms. Bring your shoulder blades together. After that, lower your upper body and keep your arms extended. Repeat the exercise as much as you want. 

If you are someone with a medical history, consider talking to a doctor before starting the above-mentioned exercises. If you find it difficult to go to a hospital, you can also consult a doctor online, anywhere, anytime. 

Benefits of Chest Exercises

As you regularly perform these exercises, you (especially your bust) will get more stronger and toned. Even though it is said that you can repeat the exercises according to your wish, it is best if you perform 20 repetitions of each. Along with these exercises, it is always recommended to eat a healthy balanced diet.  

Before you start doing chest exercises, consider doing some stretching and flexibility exercises. Also, make it compulsory to wear a sports bra while exercising so as to prevent any damage to the connective tissues of your breasts.

Chest exercises for women not only gives an extra lift to your bust and prevents sagging but benefits you in a lot of ways.

This includes:

  • Improving posture
  • Adds power to your shoulders and arms
  • Easy breathing
  • Keeps an overall balanced body

If you have any queries regarding chest workouts for women or how it works, never hesitate to talk to a doctor.

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