10 Things You Must Do to Gain Self Confidence

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The most tangible and powerful thing you can do to cultivate the life you want is building confidence. It can bring drastic improvements to your health, career, or relationships. Stop waiting for circumstances to happen; instead, work on boosting your confidence first.

Gain self confidence- Does it Really Matter?

Self-confidence can be considered as an important aspect of our lives, but still many people struggle to find it. Confidence moulds and makes us ready to face the challenges in life. When a person is confident, he is more likely to move forward and get along with people and opportunities.

Self Confidence- it really does matter, because if you lack, it can hold people back from achieving something they really want in life.

How to Gain Self Confidence?

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Try following some of the tips mentioned below on how to gain confidence. You should not just read it and put it back on the burner. Start practising them today. Remember, this is not an overnight phenomenon. It may seem a bit difficult at first, but with some time and practice, eventually, you will the seed of self-confidence grow within you. 

1. Focus on the positive

Rather than focusing on the weaknesses that you wish to improve, focus on your strengths, and learn to expand them. You should stop focusing on the problems in your life and start focusing on the solutions to make positive changes. Keep working on it through exercises or gratitude journaling, and prioritize the glass-half-full mentality in every situation. Always see the good in other people.

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2. Stop caring about what others might think

In life, there will be many people who tell you that you are not fit enough for anything. They will plant the seed of negativity in your head and make yourself believe that you cannot accomplish your goals, or your goal is too big, or that you cannot do it. But the thing is, never listen to them and stop caring about what they will think. You must be resolute and be confident. If you think that you can do it, you very well can do it. Have faith in yourself and keep going.

3. Monitor your progress

Whether it is big or small, the best way to reach your goals is to break them into smaller goals and to monitor its progress. No matter if you are trying for promotion, get into a college, get a better job, change career paths, eat healthier or lose 10 to 15 pounds, the best way to know your progress is by monitoring it.

Quantify your accomplishments, for example, the number of applications you submit to jobs or colleges, or what you eat. Doing this will help you to stay on course. Once you see the progress you make in real-time, you will gain confidence. 

4. Understand your strengths

Spend time in doing things that you are wonderful at. This will boost your self-confidence at a higher level. In contrast, when you do things that are not your cup of tea, then definitely you will get frustrated and lose energy. Understand your unique strengths and utilize them.

5. Do more of what makes you happy

What do you love to do in your free time? Is it to get outdoors, hanging around with your friends, and do some adventures? Or do you just enjoy lying on your couch watching your favourite Netflix series? Whatever it be, make space for it, because life is short and you definitely need time to enrich your life and recharge yourself to be the best version of you.

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6. Practice face-to-face communication

Let it be meeting a client, giving a presentation, or addressing a meeting; people with low confidence level often find it challenging to make a good first impression. This happens because you are shy or maybe unsure about yourself. Therefore, it is necessary to take immediate steps to make yourself appear more confident.

Engage with people and maintain eye contact with them. This shows that you are taking an active part in the conversation and that you are interested in what they are saying. Don’t stammer or look away while you are conversing, as this makes you appear anxious or distracted.

7. Focus on your body language

Focusing on your body language is an important step to improve self confidence. Always adopt an open posture and sit or stand upright, placing your hands by the sides. It is always better to avoid standing with your hands on the hips because this very action communicates a desire to dominate.

Keep your head upright. Avoid leaning backwards or forward because it can make you look aggressive. While presenting something, use open hand gestures as it indicates a willingness to communicate and to share ideas.

8. Set goals

Setting and achieving your goals is one key way to gain self-confidence. This doesn’t mean your goals should be anything big like climbing Mount Everest or eradicating the hunger problems from the world.

Start with small ones that you can easily achieve. This will make you feel good and encourage you to take the bigger steps and harder goals. Keep a list of your accomplishments and motivate yourself to achieve much bigger goals.

9. Love yourself

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How you feel about yourself is important to boost your self confidence level. Give proper care to yourself, nourishing your health, body, appearance, and emotions. Improve your sleeping habits, exercise more, eat healthy food, and stress less. When you love your body and give the necessary care, you will feel more confident.

10. Do something new

You can’t always be in your comfort zone as a ‘frog in the well.’ Instead, you have to put yourself out there. Take the risk and try something new. It doesn’t necessarily mean to go mountain climbing or bungee jumping, but take yourself out of your comfort zone. Be confident, accustom yourself from rejection and keep trying. 

One should learn how to gain self confidence in life as it is the magic key towards success. Focus on making small, consistent steps and transform yourself from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. Just focus on what you do, and you will surely feel more and more confident with each step. 

Talk to a counsellor or doctor if you are dealing with self confidence issues.

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