Yoga Poses to Boost Your Immunity

Yoga Poses to Boost Your Immunity

Are you someone looking for ways to naturally boost your immunity without having to step out of your home? All you need to do is grab your yoga mat and start practicing certain asanas. This article highlights the importance of yoga to boost immunity.

Yoga for Immunity

No matter how hectic your schedule is, regular yoga practice can provide a gentle, natural means of supporting your immune system. Yoga helps in lowering the levels of stress hormones that compromise your immune system. It also conditions your lungs and respiratory tract, stimulating the lymphatic system to remove toxins from the body, and brings oxygenated blood to different parts of your body so as to ensure their optimal function. Therefore, if you really wish to boost immunity, yoga is one of the best options you must go for.

You can also boost your immunity by drinking healthy teas made of triphala or ashwagandha.

If you are taking any medications or have any health problems, talk to a doctor before you practice yoga to boost immunity. You can also consult a doctor online.

Best Yoga Poses to Boost Your Immunity

Grab your yoga mat and start doing these 4 yoga poses to boost your immunity.

Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend)

Yoga Poses to Boost Your Immunity


  • Stand upright and rest your hands on the hips. 
  • Take a deep breath in. Exhale and slowly bend forward from your hip joints
  • Let your hands rest on the mat by the sides of your feet.
  • Try to press your palms flat to the mat and micro bend your knees.
  • Engage the quadriceps muscle and then draw them up. 
  • Put your body weight into the balls of your feet so as to make your hips stay over the ankles. 
  • Go back to your initial position, place your hands on the side and use your core to regain the upright standing position.

Other benefits of Uttanasana

This asana strengthens you spine and stretches your hamstrings, calves, and hips. It is also one of the core exercises to relieve neck pain.

Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)

Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)-Yoga Poses to Boost Your Immunity


  • Stand upright and spread your legs wide apart.
  • Turn your right foot out by 90 degrees and left foot in by 15 degrees.
  • Press your right foot and left foot firmly into the mat. Equally balance your body weight on both feet.
  • Take a deep breath in. As you breathe out, bend your body towards the right and down from the hips, keeping your waist straight. 
  • Raise your left hand straight up and extend your right hand down.
  • Rest your right hand on your right leg, ankle, knee, or the floor beside your right foot. 
  • Stretch your left arm upwards in line with your shoulders. 
  • Make sure to keep your head in a neutral position or turn it to the left. Your eyes should be gazing at the left palm.
  • Bent your body sideways. Tilt the pelvis backwards if necessary to keep from drifting forward on your extended side. Open your upper body to the sky.
  • Hold on to this posture for a few seconds.
  • Inhale and come back to the starting posture. Bring your arms down and stand straight.
  • Repeat the same on the opposite side, resting your left hand on the left leg or on the yoga mat.

Other benefits of Trikonasana

This yoga pose improves flexibility of the spine,  reduces the risk of heart diseases, treats neck pain, eases menstrual pain, and relieves gastritis and acidity.

Matsyasana (Fish Pose)

Matsyasana (Fish Pose)-Yoga Poses to Boost Your Immunity


  • Lie down on your back. Make sure that your legs are placed together.
  • Rest your arms by the side of your body.
  • Keep your palms under your hips in such a way that they are facing the ground. Bring your elbows closer to your waist.
  • Cross both your legs in such a way that the thighs and knees are placed flat on the ground.
  • Inhale. Lift your chest and head. Make sure that your crown touches the ground.
  • Put your body weight at your elbows. Pressurize your shoulder blades once your chest is lifted. Hold on to this position and breathe normally.
  • Exhale and slowly lift your head, followed by dropping your chest to the ground. Come back to your initial position. 

Other benefits of Matsyasana:

Matsyasana strengthens your quadriceps, spine, and back muscles. It is an effective yoga pose that helps you get rid of those extra fat. This is also one of the best yoga poses for anxiety and depression.

Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)

Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)-Yoga Poses to Boost Your Immunity


  • Lie down on your stomach, placing your feet hip-width apart. 
  • Rest your arms by the side of your body. 
  • Fold your knees and your ankles. 
  • Inhale, lift your chest off the yoga mat and then pull both your legs up and back.
  • Your body is now in the shape of a curved bow. Pay attention to your breath. Hold on to this posture for a few seconds.
  • Continue taking deep breaths. Make sure not to overdo this stretch.
  • After 15-20 seconds exhale and slowly bring your chest and legs back to the yoga mat. Come back to your initial position and relax.

Other benefits of Dhanurasana:

This asana improves posture, strengthens your back muscles, stimulates the reproductive organs. Dhanurasana also proves effective in burning belly fat.

Apart from practicing these yoga poses, you can also try eating immune boosting foods.

It is necessary that you do yoga under the guidance of a yoga practitioner. If you find any difficulty such as shortness of breath or severe pain, stop doing yoga immediately and seek medical advice.

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