Antiviral Herbs That Will Protect Against Corona virus

Antiviral Herbs - Protect Corona virus

In the wake of the widespread transmission of coronavirus across the globe, it is essential to understand that prevention is always better than cure. For this, you should know what you can do naturally to take control of your health and body. Enhancing your body’s natural defence system plays a vital role in maintaining your optimum health. Natural herbal remedies have been used since ancient times to treat the symptoms and causes of various illnesses, including viral infections. 

What are antiviral herbs?

Antiviral herbs are those that have the ability to inhibit the development of viruses. They boost the immune system, which further sends an immune response to attack the viral pathogens. Apart from fighting against viral infections and boosting the immune system, antiviral herbs have a number of other health benefits, including the curing of cardiovascular, digestive and anti-inflammatory problems.

Ayurveda and Coronavirus

Ayurveda, the ancient system of medicine propagates the gifts of mother nature in maintaining a happy and healthy life. It deals with the treatment, prevention, and nonrecurrence of various diseases as well as the management of health.

Ayurvedic treatments prevent the onset of severe symptoms by strengthening immune responses. They are natural, cost-friendly and more accessible. Immunity is the one thing required for an individual in order to escape from the clutches of coronavirus and Ayurveda can help boost your immunity in a way that you have never imagined.

Ayurveda’s promise mainly lies in being able to stop the progression of coronavirus from mild to severe symptoms. They are not fast-acting and cannot be given when a person is suffering from severe Coronavirus symptoms such as hypoxia or thrombosis. 

Antiviral herbs to boost your immunity

With more and more people depending on home remedies to get rid of a cold, cough and flu, Ayurveda has become much popular among the common people. The antiviral herbs used as a part of the remedy not only cure these common issues such as cold, cough, and flu but also strengthens the immunity to fight illness.

There are numerous herbs and spices having medicinal properties, and they can be consumed to get rid of the coronavirus symptoms. A herb known as Haldi helps in reducing pain and inflammation. It also helps in rejuvenating the body tissues of plasma and blood.

Tulsi helps to combat respiratory issues and helps in detoxification. Another herb named Giloy has the power to flush out the toxins and bring down the fever. Apart from these, there are many other immunity booster herbs in Ayurveda that has several antiviral and antibacterial properties.

While there is no medicine as of now for the deadly coronavirus, Ayurveda can be used to boost immunity. Ayurveda also helps in relieving stress, lose weight, and boosts respiratory health.

Talk to a doctor or consult doctor online before taking any medications, including antiviral herbs. 

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10 Best herbs for immunity boosting

Here is a list of 10 best antiviral herbs for immunity boosting:

1. Sage 

Antiviral herbs- sage

This antiviral herb is a member of the mint family. Sage has long been used in traditional medicine to cure viral infections. The antiviral properties of this herb are attributed to compounds known as safficinolides. Sage has the power to fight the virus that leads to AIDS.

2. Fennel seeds

Antiviral herbs- Fennel seeds

Fennel seeds are not just tasty to chew, but they are also packed with several hidden benefits. It is a licorice-flavored plant that can fight against certain viruses. Rich in vitamin C, fennel seeds have strong immune-boosting properties. They are also in the top list in Ayurvedic medicine for weight loss herbs as it improves metabolism and burns fat.

3. Oregano

Antiviral herbs- Oregano

This antiviral herb powerhouse is one of natures best antiviral agents. Compounds such as carvacrol and thymol are present in oregano, and both of them serves as a powerful antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal agents. Carvacrol reverses viral infections, as well as allergies, tumours, parasites and disease-causing inflammation.

4. Ginger

Antiviral herbs- Ginger

With its high levels of magnesium, vitamin C and other minerals, the ginger root is very beneficial for human health. The aromatic smell of ginger comes from essential oils and phenolic compounds such as shogaols and gingerols in the root. These gingerols have sedative, analgesic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, and they increase the movement of the gastrointestinal tract. Ginger helps get rid of colds and flu.

5. Basil


Almost all types of Basil, including the sweet and holy varieties, fights against several viral infections and boosts immunity. The Holy Basil leaves are rich in phytonutrients such as flavanol and antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and chlorophyll.

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6. Garlic

Garlic has been used for thousands of years in Ayurveda to fight several illnesses. It produces a chemical known as allicin, which is responsible for its powerful smell. Garlic has several antibacterial and antiviral properties.

7. Mint

Antiviral Herbs- mint

Peppermint is said to have powerful antiviral qualities. This herb is commonly added to teas, extracts, and tinctures  that are intended to treat viral infections naturally

8. Rosemary

Antiviral Herbs- rosemary

Rosemary, a fragrant herb native of the Mediterranian region, has a warm and bitter taste. Being a source of iron, vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin B-6, and calcium, Rosemary provides a good flavour and aroma to many foods. It is used to reduce muscle pain, boost immunity, improve memory, and promote hair growth.

9. Elderberry

Antiviral herbs- Elderberry

Elderberry is a shrub that belongs to the family of Caprifoliaceae. It is used in the form of a  variety of products, including tonics, juice, and pills to treat viral infections 

10. Ginseng

Antiviral herbs- Ginseng

Being a member of the family Panax, Ginseng is said to restore and enhance wellbeing.  This short and slow-growing plant with fleshy roots is particularly effective in fighting viruses. It is well known as an immune modulator. The stems, leaves, and roots of this plant are used for maintaining immune homeostasis as well as enhancing resistance to microbial attacks.


These antiviral herbs are great for immunity. Apart from taking immunity boosting herbs in ayurveda, it is very important to maintain Vitamin D3 levels because, if this particular vitamin is low, it means that you have low immunity.

Inhale essential oils, including eucalyptus, oregano, and thyme. Also, minerals such as zinc and selenium should be included. Drink a lot of water and practice yoga to boost your immune system.

It is always recommended to consume ayurvedic medicines or antiviral herbs after seeking advice from best ayurvedic doctors in kerala


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